Overcoming The Cold Dark- Tribute To A Teacher

February 4, 2009
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Overcoming The Cold Dark:
Tribute To A Teacher

Breathing In The Cool Air Around Me
I Stand Blank And Pale, As If The Air Singled Me Out
Warmth Of A Stranger, Till Now Unknown To Me

My Mind Weary And Drained Of Life
No Sight, No Vision Could Be Made In My Distance
This Pool Of Black Ink So Thick And Confining

Yet, In All Of This Distortion And Confusion
One Person Stands Firm, Ready To Help
Not Frightened For I Trust Her Words

My Pen A Blossom All Alone In Front Of Me
The Words And Their Colors So Divine
Despite The Darkness Surrounding It

In My Heart There Is A Hope Shown To Me
Through Her Life, She Is An Example Of Faith
This Blossom Of Light Shining Bright In The Darkness

It Is The Piercing Light Of Writing, Creativity
Given To Me By A Teacher's Heart And Passion
The Light Of Her Words Guiding Me Still Onward

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