February 3, 2009
By kaylerrayler24 BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
kaylerrayler24 BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Everything that once mattered begins to fade away.
Your focus leads to one thing, and one thing alone.
One moment, your happy, the next your sad.
You don't know what you're suppose to think, nor do.
You smile because you should, and cry because your hurt.
Everyday everything stays the same and nothing changes.
You feel as if someone has laid a thousand bricks on your heart, with no one there to take them off.
No matter what anyone says, you don't listen.
Their words go in, but straight out.
Your heart is calling, over and over again, telling you what to do.
But when you call back, you get nothing more than a busy tone.
Everything is out of your hands, and now in someone elses.
Your lost, confused, and helpless.
It seems to be that the one thing that will help you is out of reach.
You tell yourself that you have this, you got this, but then you realize
the only thing you've got is a broken heart.
You know your strong, but you feel entirely too weak.
You earned a warmth in your heart but then it rained, and it didn't stop at the rain.
It began to hail, and then the snow storm kicked in.
You wonder, what do you give when you've given everything you possibly
can, yet it still doesn't happen.
Again and again, time after time, constent trying, you fail.
Soon enough failing..
is the only thing you know.
BUT; you persevere and hope that one day, everything will be okay.
Because you do know that, that is true.
So for now, you say your goodbye,
your focus comes back,
your heart begins to to feel warm again,
the snow has stopped.
SOMEBODY has pressed the play button.

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