Mauna Loa Phrasing

February 3, 2009
By alexis reinheimer BRONZE, Middleburgh, New York
alexis reinheimer BRONZE, Middleburgh, New York
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Hot letters, words, and sounds
Spill explosively over messy mind's black hole,
Like poisoned alphabet soup heated to careless destruction
Of innocent insomniacs.
Dark shades with neon trails creep over naive households,
Oblivious to living on reality's rocky ledge.
Bittersweet beauty evaporates with gases grasping near the surface of tangible love.
Visible damage intrudes on solid routine when hazardous thoughts converge or break apart.
Hotspots release treachery when provoked by personally uncontrollable heat.
Molten insecurities erupt up and out
Into unbelievable sunshine.

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