Change isn't coming

February 3, 2009
By Al Carney BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Al Carney BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Change isn't coming

I never knew life was a struggle, I never knew when you turned a certain age the world look at you differently

Obama may have said 'It's time for a change' but it seems like people haven't changed

It seems if I'm straying away from others.

My world is turning ice cold black, I guess this world was made for me.

I struggle every night to choose the one I want to be with; I hope I make the right choice

People look at me as if I choose this life style, I didn't choose this life style it choose me

I done things in my life that I'm not proud of, oh well its life I have to live with it now

Cant change the fact that so much happen but all I can do is look towards the future'..

'The future is now and must make things right before it's too late.'
I'm starting to let go of everything that's negative in my life,

Good and bad can not effect me anymore.

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