Every Night

February 3, 2009
By Andrea BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Andrea BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Every night I cry myself to sleep.
I feel like I am in just a big heap.
Some nights (Every night)
I hear things that little kids shouldn't
in the other room.
And then a loud "Ka Boom".
I try helplessly to yell
"No" "Stop" but I just can't.
I get scared and I start to pant.
I cry harder and harder
pacing up and down the hall.
Just hearing him yell at her
makes me want to crawl.
One day hopefully she will
get fed up and leave.
All he is really to me is a pet peeve.
One day she just has to let him know.
But until then I have to let this go.
Wait, maybe I should make the difference.
Then I will have the greatest appearence.
Then I will have a great home,life,childhood, and
maybe just maybe great parents/
Well, I told him, why he cant just let us be.
Why dont people see?
We plaster happy faces on us
but nobody takes it upon
to find out what's going on.
So I did I took it upon myself and told.
The very nice people took it in their hands.
Then my life started to unfold.
My long lost life is now no longer cold.
All because I made the difference and told.

The author's comments:
This poem happened in real life.
I hope ya'll enjoy and think about life in a brighter way.

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