a dream

January 27, 2009
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A dream
Laying on my bed
Freshly cleaned sheets
Slowly it gets darker.
Sheep appear jumping fences
1, 2, 3'
Clouds part
A world appears
Our world?
Skies not a tint of gray
Waters that sparkle brighter than a summer day.

Car accidents are rare
Airplanes safe
Soldiers relax
Twin towers watch over New York
School shootings never whispered
Little kids are in the park
Dogs were loved
Cancer is cured
Katrina is just a name.
We follow our idols footsteps
Trees shade the rainforest
Families are stronger
Pap is eating dinner with us.
Waking up
I realize what kinda world we live in.

Factory smoked filled skies
Waters polluted
Car accidents everyday
Airplanes high-jacked
Soldiers fighting and dying
Twin towers crashed with neighbors inside
V-tech students dead
Little kids harmed
Dogs rejected
Cancer is spreading
Katrina was not just a name.
Idols footsteps disappeared no one to follow
Trees destroyed
Families weaken
Pap's plate is untouched
You say we are free but you forget the sadness we go through
This is life
Daily life
This is the anchor of America
It weighs us down deeper and deeper
One person can make the biggest difference.
For now we just say this is just
A dream.

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