January 26, 2009
By Jeremy Gardner, Northampton, MA

How can one feel sorry
For a person such as me
So many mistakes I’ve made
With little humanity

The people that have suffered
Because I have not cared
Or I was oblivious
Of the people scared

I did not know my meanness
It took so long to tell
That I’m a cruel person
And now I live in hell

The suffering in my heart
Is greater than can be explained
The words that I have used
Shall never again be named

My ignorance is apparent
The hypocrite I am
I say I hate mean people
But I am among the damned

I forever will remember
The people that I have hurt
Every day I regret my actions
That I wish I could revert

Now it’s time to change
My evil maliciousness
Become a better person
Goodbye my viciousness

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