My Heart Beat Today

January 22, 2009
By Megan Meyer, Warrington, PA

I do not know,
I cannot tell,
it’s been far too long.

I can hardly remember,
I don’t know if it’s true,
but somehow my mind
can’t stop thinking of you.

It’s too early
to be quite sure.
Do I want to know?

But if my instinct is right,
then I know
why I’m thinking of your face,
why my chest swells so tight.

My heart beat today.
An echo.
Stronger than before.

Is it even possible?
Can it be true?
Will I ever find out?

Your face stuck out among the crowd.
Your eyes pored holes into my skull.

I met your gaze time again.
What were the thoughts
that ran through your head?

And what is this heat
upon my cheeks?
A forgotten summer day.

I do not know,
I cannot tell.
What has put me under this spell?

You spoke my name.
You walked my way.

Breathe in.
It’ll be okay.

I shuffled my papers.
Oops. They fall
down on the floor.

I bend to reach.
But you’re there.
Looking up at me.
Papers in hand.

And my heart beat today.
Walking down that hall with you.
Hearing my name leave
your lips.
As if nothing could please you more.
Your hands stowed away deep in
your pockets.
A casual shrug of
your shoulders
as we continue on down the way.

Talking to fill the space.
Asking about my day,
And waiting for my answer.
your goofy grin.
How could it have ever once bothered me in any way?

My heart beat today.
And I’m not quite sure why.
Was this night predetermined,
this meeting of us two?
Or luck,
that I looked back at you?

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