Black Tears: A poem of unrequited love.

January 11, 2009
By Lauren Sobczak, Coatesville, PA

I put on my dress and it flows past my knees
My stomach jumps and I start to wease.
I apply mascara to my stubby lashes
My heart feels like it’s doing dashes.

I stare in the mirror at my plain face.
Why would “HE” want such a head case?
I crimp my hair and see “HIS” car arrive.
“HE” rings the doorbell and I try to look alive.

I don’t know what else to do to make myself look pretty.
Hopefully “HE’LL” understand and “HE’LL” take pity.
Now “HE’S” waiting and I’ve run out of time.
Someone who’s this ugly should be committed of crime.

I launch myself down the stairs and see “MY” Kyle.
But who’s this attached to “HIS” arm that gives me the evil smile.
“HE” gives an evil laugh and pulls something out of his pocket.
A long golden chain, and at the end there was a locket.

I stare at the girl for a little while longer.
The pulse of my heart is beginning to get stronger.
I slip my fingernail into the crack.
The evil glares are convincing me to draw back.

Inside the locket was a picture of me
The temperature of my body sunk to a low degree
There was a rip down the middle, right through my heart.
The rip separated me and my supposed lover apart.

Once the message had finally sunk in
“HE” waited for the heartache look to begin.
They turned around and left me there
But not before she gives me one last glare.

I slam the door and retreat to my room.
I shut off the lights in my loveless tomb.
My heart crumbles to burnt up ashes
As my brain shuts down and slowly crashes.

How could he do this horrible deed?
I wanted to open my heart and let the pain bleed.
I found a solution to make my life mend.
Unfortunately, it would also make my life end.

I found the pills I wanted to take.
I took so many I’d never be awake.
I crashed to the floor and began to weep.
I fell deeply into an endless sleep.

The tears came silently streaming down my face,
Leaving dark lines in its place.
Finally I have lost the excruciating pain,
But the black tears have fallen once again.

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