Love hurts

January 6, 2009
By Abdelrahman Sharaf, Alexandria, ZZ

before this day I thought my only cure
was hearing your voice or seeing your eye
I used to believe thet this was for sure
all what to do next is just die
I used to see you in my dreams
or in my soul that around you flys
and If the price was my tears
for your sake, blood I could cry
but these thoughts could get me
just between the heavens and hell
but once my dreams have become true
I realized that hell was where I fell
this look in your eyes has changed my life
my best dream became my worst nightmare
you were my dreams and my aims
now I realized how far they were
I wished I could see your smile
but a look of ignoring is what I saw
as if you haven't known me before
or just as if you've seen your foe
was it easy for you to forget my love?
was it easy to look at me and ignore?
I just want you to remember that
every time I come near you hurt me more
was I decieving myself
when I thought that your heart beats
as all the hearts do?
It seems that you don't have a heart
to feel that my words were true
really disappointed I was
a broken heart is all what I could gain
every time think of you
my heart aches and my brain
the pain in my heart can make me sad
but the pain my mind can drive me insane
All people have hearts of muscles and blood
but If you had a heart, it's hard as steel
you think that love is a useless feeling
you think that love isn't real
but love is the only feeling
that can give our life its joy
and I tell you that the day would come
and you would fall in love and enjoy
may be the one would break your heart
just as you've done to mine
you'll need time to be cured
but me a couple of days could make me fine
I tell you that this love was
the one whom my heart has sought
because I learned that love must hurt
and this love was the one who taught
I thought that love can be perfect
I found out how wrong I thought
so I must continue my life
and forget you is the thing to I ought

The author's comments:
I hope you like my poem
give me as much comments as you can

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Fayrouz SILVER said...
on Dec. 27 2009 at 1:04 pm
Fayrouz SILVER, Fargo, North Dakota
9 articles 12 photos 364 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Only dead fish swim with the stream"

LOL---> "give me as many comments as you can"...sorry i find that funny. But you do have a very nice poem that describes the pain of love...however, it would be better if you could shorten it a little. Poems should be condensed and short. May be work on that? I noticed you're from Egypt? You should check out Hercules in Arabic. I saw it and I particularly enjoyed the garden song in which the muses come life from the stone pillars and sing with her. it's a song about love.


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