My Pain

December 14, 2008
Why did you leave me? You were my life.
The words you spoke cut like a knife.
I have nothing left, besides these words,
Your deadly smile splits me in thirds.
And the Scars upon my wrists,
Which remind me that I exist.
Darkness trails me as I walk alone
But since the start how I have grown.
Life seems endless, I am trapped,
On the road of pain, within I’m wrapped.
I cannot go one more day without her.
All our memories are now a blur.
Now she’s gone I can see my faults,
My feelings are put to a halt.
Our time together is now erased,
Was it also gone to waste?
It’s dissolving me from the heart,
What must I do when we’re apart?
I do not know what to do or how to feel.
What I’m going through is just surreal.
My Heart is broken

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