Break-up Aftermath

December 5, 2008
By Yesenia Rodriguez, Hialeah, FL

The pain I hide inside me no one can relate to.
How used, mistreated, and unappreciated I feel.
A heart? Ask me what that is a year before and I could answer, but now is a faded Organ in my system.
Love? Remind me of that emotion in two years when I have rehabilitated myself and learned of skinned knees.
Trust? Never think a relationship can touch base without the sense of it.
Tears? Expect them when no one is around and the song that reminds you of him is on the radio as you find a station worthwhile.
A thousand mountains climbed will not attract him to you; neither will a million tears change his mind.
A fool I am! Do not allow me to deceive you for I have fallen for a guy who has not made up his mind and plays with my feelings like a play toy car.
I allowed myself to break like a glass shattered on a ceramic tile floor.
The thought of it is unpleasant, but unfortunately I have lived it various time--times when "I love you" seemed believable enough.
Me? Well, a broken heart at a young age and...Probably a common mistrust to the proceeding guys that try to win my Faded Organ.
To whom? to whom regains my ability to trust and love, cherish In your honor for believing In me, cherish for patience and hope In that I can be reborn of Innocent belief.

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kitsue43 said...
on Dec. 16 2008 at 4:09 pm
I adore the Organ comparison. A faded organ can also be thought of as a worn out piano. Playing the same tune endlessly. The word play is marvelous. I can picture an organ piano white with dust self-playing. A the same time I can pitcure the actual muscle faded into a pale pink barely ever skipping beats anymore.

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