His Smile

December 5, 2008
By Leah Kahan GOLD, New York, New York
Leah Kahan GOLD, New York, New York
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He took long strides
He walked with confidence
He brightened a room with just the smallest grin
Others’ moods depended on his
Some things made people happy -- and he was the something
It seemed as though if his smile ever diminished, so would every one else

I was told as a kid that nothing lasts forever
Neither did his smile

When he walked into a room -- all would notice
He was considered to be the life of the party
His smile was contagious
No one could resist giving him a smile back
All moods would change when he was around
It seemed as though the day he stop smiling
All would be lost
If he was unhappy, who would every one turn to?

I was told as a kid that nothing would last forever
Neither did his smile

Some say that love is blind
But if it were blind, how could you see his smile -- and fall in love with it?
I think that even if you can no longer see his smile
You can still feel it…
Things change
So did his smile.

He was brave, and could fight off any warrior with his smile
No one could touch him, for he was too proud
Proud to be alive
Proud to be free
Well he was proud…he used to be

Smiling for a long period of time hurts your jaw
I guess it hurt his.

His smile was gone
So was he.

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