My Mind at Work

December 1, 2008
By Lucille Bruno, Currie, NC

Across and beyond the far away spaces lives inside me a
Bewildering stillness. Nothing to
Contain, yet happy
Domestication of the true simplicity of my inner life.
Every once in a while I sit and wonder, do I have a
Fearsome other world
Gathering my thoughts and
Handling those things that pop in and run off leaving
Impacted booms on my head. Or is there
Just emptiness sitting. Well I hope not, I’ve always seen
Kindness and inspiration working away up there.
Liveliness runs when patience
Meditates, so all will cope, with
No unhappiness.
Others will see my
Patience and
Quiver with
Resistance as I
Understanding toward myself.
Victory! I have the key
Wisdom to
X-entuate me.
Youthful fun meets
Zen, that’s my mind at work.

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