November 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Red is the color of writing on your band tee's. My anger for your girlfriend. She no good for you.

The color orange. The color of the season. When everything changes. Heads for the worst.....your birthday.

Those yellow ladies changed thing my friend. I hate this feeling of being discontent.

Green is the color of your eyes, so memorizing, hypnotizing. Those eyes could set my world on fire.

Im feeling kinda blue when im not with my best friend. Blue is also the color of my eyes, the coldness of my heart, my river of tears.

The skies are purple as the day ends, and as i go to sleep these meories tourture me. The images of you dissapear along with our frindship. I cant breath. I miss you alot. Im sorry.

The author's comments:
this is about one of my best friends, and things got ruined, and i was inlove with him till more crap happend. i still love him, i always will. he wont. our friendship is ruined......

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