November 25, 2008
By sherry nassif, Sheridan, MI

A time for giving, sharing and loving.
the warm feeling of the family coming together
the luscious smell of the honey ham roasting in the oven
i hear the wood crackling in the fireplace
the taste of cranberries melting in my mouth
the family gathering at the table bowing their heads in prayer
the chocolaty smell of hot cocoa brewing in the kitchen
the sweet sound of family gathering together
the taste of the golden biscuit as it enters my mouth
i see the little kids giggling at the table
happiness is soaring through the air
the smell of the meat drifting by my nose
the sound of family having a good time
the delicious taste of pumpkin pie with whip cream on top
the pleased looks on the family's faces when the night comes to a end
the memories of Thanksgiving

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