choices of the hopeless

November 23, 2008
By littlemissbliss! SILVER, South Pasadena, California
littlemissbliss! SILVER, South Pasadena, California
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I have no horrid life
No reason to complain
I have every one in my life
No body lies slain
I have the friends, the grades, the guy
I don’t have a reason, I don’t know why
I feel like everything’s caving in
There is no fight, no way to win
My life seems perfect, that’s the side you see
But really, you never see the real me
I hide myself, cover up
I don’t want you to see me
I don’t know who I am so how can you
You only care about what I Do
I do the things to make you happy with no regard for myself
I feel like a robot with the real me sitting up on a high shelf
I’m the girl everyone wants to be
Do you realize how much pressure’s on me
I hide my tears like everything’s ok
But its not. Its never been
I’m the girl with the scars you can’t see
The mental scars that are killing me
They push and pull, tossing me up and dragging me down
They help me swim then make me drown
I feel so bad but I don’t know why
At times, I just sit down and cry
Its who I am, it is me
I’m the person you want me to be
I can’t change
It’s all I know
But I wish
I wish
I wish
I wish that you would be here for me
That you would listen, comfort and consol
That you could know me, see down to my soul
You used to.
You loved me for me
But I guess you love everyone when you’re only three
We’ve been together for so long and I can’t see what’s happened
You were you and I was me
It was so easy, simple as can be
But then we grew up, and made our choices
We changed our minds and heard other voices
It was no longer just you and me
People came and took you away
I cried and cried but nothing made it better
I kicked and screamed but it only made my pillow wetter
The tears streamed and flew down my face
when you ran away and left no trace
Yes you’re still here but that’s not what I mean
I mean that you’re so different I have no idea who you are anymore
Its funny that you think its funny, that you can’t see it, don’t know
But to me, well I guess I just don’t care anymore
I got it out
I wrote this rhyme
I used my voice
Committed this crime
But I guess all that’s left is my decision and now,
I’ve Made My Choice.

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