From The Tide

November 20, 2008
By Jon Martin, Austin, TX

I feel the cool breeze
And I breathe in.
The darkest starry sky,
And the strong scent of ocean mist
From the tide I stand as,
You are holding my hand.
Looking outwards still,
I turn my eyes and try
To see the difference between,
Starlights or the twinkle
In your sparkling blue eyes.
From the tide I stand as
You are holding my hand.
Do they collide?
To make an angel?
I ask, and you smile.
Our lips, shining, dancing in the starlight.
Our feet, sunken in the sand,
The ocean roars, ambient rings
Reflected from your bright face.
Luminescent sparkles surround us,
From the ocean mist.
Feeling the warmth from your soft jacket
And with a smile,
I breathe in
And feel your body press
Close to me, I hold you closer as
Your damp hair grazes my neck.
Our eyes shine with happiness,
The world doesn’t matter.
From the tide as
I hold your hand.
Warm with love.

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