Watch Me

November 18, 2008
By Gregg B, New City, NY

A lot of times in someone’s life, people try to say.
You can’t do something unless you
do it their own way.
They feel that they succeed, when they see you fail.
Making you feel bad inside,
in despair and frail

For me that doesn’t happen now,
that ships already sailed.
People tried to get a hold of me, but they can’t see I prevailed.
Because I’m still here right now, doing what fits me best.
No matter how it ends, in my heart I passed the test.

People like seeing others down, that’s what you can’t see.
Just remember, their just jealous, of what you could try to be.
If you have a desire, for something crumbled by others greed.
Get that strength from inside you, because that’s all you need.

If you work hard for something, don’t sit back and wait.
Because for all your enemies, they have the fish and you’re the bait.
For you to lose and them to win, hurting to a bad degree.
If you don’t believe a word I said, sit back and just watch me.

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