November 11, 2008
By Alana Cook, Maple Ridge, ZZ

She’s a woman in full, he thinks with a smile
She balances the park bench with a tomboy’s walk
That’s a sexy scarf, she yells from a distance
And there’s an exchange that crackles the air
They both grin like old times, and as always there’s hope
But she steps down, and it’s time for the talk, they both know

She matches his pace, they’re both in the know
She’s read his letters with hardly a smile
The season couldn’t last as long as her hope
And her confession is her attempt at a dancer’s walk
But she can’t really change, and they stare at empty air
Each day that passes strengthens their distance

But in quiet desperation, their hands have no distance
And it’s all desperation, now that they both know
Their palms shake, but touch, and they both exhale warm air
Remembering, they shake their heads and smile
The apology begs from his melon eyes as they walk
But now more than ever she mustn’t have hope

They buried their hearts in the sand, David

The author's comments:
This poem is a Sestina, a type of fixed form poetry consisting of thirty-six lines of any length divided into six sestets and a three-line concluding stanza called an envoy. The six words at the end of the first sestet’s lines must also appear at the ends of the other five sestets, in varying order. These six words must also appear in the envoy, where they often resonate important themes.

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