The Path of a Sole

November 11, 2008
By Mona Elminyawi, Watervliet, NY

The heavens aside, there was a girl and a road
Upon this road, she stood, crept, and strode
They were quite the pair, those feet and that street
Together they moved to the same rhythmic beat
The course the girl took did not promise much
It threw its hurdles; its bumps lay as such
It bent and turned, it wiggled and wormed
The road as her teacher, she walked and she learned
And then one day, to the student’s dismay
The road had split into two separate ways
“Which way should I take, what decision should I make?”
Though the road seemed to know what was at stake
It lent her this distance, but now refused her any assistance
The test was presented, the road quiet in its insistence
So many questions she was aware, now how would she fare?
She smiled, taking on the challenge, the roads final dare
She put her foot forward and stepped to the sun
Whichever path she chose, she knew she had won

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