. . . And I Am Left Alone

November 9, 2008
By Lisa Terry, Fayetteville, AR

“Wait for me”
I always say
Whether loud
Or merely thought
My mom didnt care
My dad didnt hear
My brother never dared
And I am left alone.
My friend cant see
My family blind
My teachers misunderstand
And I am left alone.
If I were to
Spill my guts
Who would dare to listen?
My friends are deaf
My family to far
My classmates dont give a damn
And I am left alone.

Eternal loneliness,
Beckons my name.
Time spent far
From the home
I never had,
And I am left alone.
Eternal darkness
Beckons me to die
Eternal life
Keeps me tethered
To my rock
In the chaos ridden sea
And I am left alone.
There is a light
At both ends of the tunnel
One is a warm, pure light
The other cold and evil,
And I am left alone.

The author's comments:
Depression is being left alone, suicide is walking down the wrong side of the tunnel.

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