February 10, 2014
When I showed you
My life
When I had let you
Peak inside
What did you do

When I cried out
For help
When I had shed
Those tears
Where were you

You were not where you
Were needed
You were not where you
We're wanted
You abandoned me

When you showed me
Your pain
When you had shed
Those tears
What did I do

When you needed me to
Aid you
When you needed me to
Help you
Where was I

I was there
Beside you
I was there crying
With you
I never left you

But at the time I needed
You most
When I needed you to help
Me live
You left me for dead

I was not
Your friend
I was not
Your buddy
I was just someone

But when you
needed me
I was there waiting
For you
Wishing you would stay

But when you were no longer
In pain
When I was no
Longer needed
You left me again

And this time
I think
You will never
Come back
Until you need me

And when that
Day comes
I won't
Be there
To help you again

Don't ever take advantage of
Your friends
Do not ever leave them
Because all you are doing is hurting them

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