My Candle Of Hope!

October 31, 2008
Surrounded with darkness

Burdened with fear

Somewhere can be heard subtle voices

Which my fear prevents me to hear

Stranded in my own world

Abandoned and left alone

But the candle in front of me

Stops me from issuing a groan

Bright and luminous

Yet risky and hazardous

For it can blind you with passion

With encouragement and wild dreams

The flame is high and erect

Ready as always to direct

Comes a whiff of air

To blow the candle and bring despair

But I kept my hand over the candle’s wick

Protecting it from harm and verdict

For you have to strive to achieve

No matter how much it causes grief

The hot wax burnt a hole in my hand

Giving pain which was hard to stand

But I bore the pain silently

For in happiness, there’s always casualty

The fire still burns fiercely

Illuminating the burning desire

The candle is my world

My symbol of hope and success

Though things will at time go amiss

I will never let anything harm my candle

This candle lives inside me , giving me strength

And it will be with be till my very END

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In Love <3 With Someone....:p said...
Nov. 6, 2008 at 10:13 am
wow.....your poem is doubtlessly amazing... awesome.... mindblowing.... youare a great writer! the best of all on teenink :) i read your other poems [i had to, this one had me completely stunned! :D] n i love EACH AND EVERY one of ur poetry and articles! dude, u really got ALOT of talent. Keep it up!!!!!! =D
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