Rose buds

October 21, 2008
Amidst the rose buds and thorns.
My stomach yearns for so much more.
I look to the sky, I sense something precarious around the corner.
I settle this thought and frolic, though the thorns prick my fingers.
The smell of blood still lingers.
Oh but you I completely adore.
On the tips of my toes, just a little further.
I laugh and whisper, Hushed I tell you, "listen"
Childhood rhythms fill the night.
Nothing to go by not even the light.
Follow the sounds you can feel them all around.
Hold my hand, I will guide you.
I squeeze your hand holding it tight.
"follow" into your ear like a secret.
Shivering nervous to much to swallow.
Your stomach churns until you feel hollow.
Through the tree's we make it a race.
You stop frozen when the light hits your face.
Though the pain and sins you have endured, I take you with grace.
Dressed in white, Silk and lace.
Tears stream down, you look up to see a rain cloud.
You realize it's raining because I'm crying.
Through my veil, you can tell.
Look into my eyes, Blue as the sea.
You reassure me, "this is where I want to be, Honestly"
My tears subside. The sea much calmer tides.
The wind wrestles the tree's, the sun escapes me.
Through my finger tips, The wind whips.
Golden blonde flowing like a river.
Nearing the time, Walking towards you.
Blinded by the only vision. You are Enticing, Completely mesmerizing.
You get a glimpse of heaven. You smile.
Sit and gaze for a while.
I turn to run, very little hate for you, if any. I discard my roses of so many.
Falling to the ground the roses turn black from all the hate of yesterday.
No longer tempted I turn away.
the evening dew between my toes.
All these regrets all my woes.
You reach for me, Everything I thought everything I knew.
All so untrue, everything I went through.
You didn't tell me truth, you acted like I was obsolete.
But without you, I felt incomplete.
As I run from your embrace.
My dress snags on the rough terrain.
Leaving a trail, of white silk and lace.
In my mouth, you left a bitter taste.
No longer annex, you took it all out of context.
Your love would be enough. I never asked for much.
You kissed my tears, made me face my fears.
The lies and the darkness, will never be missed.
Through the roses, through the tree's, back to reality.
Never looking back, one thing I will always lack.
Your face in my mind,
I refuse to be ashamed.
When you are the one to blame. Nothing will ever be the same.
I at last have come. I lift my hands, I breathe in the fresh air.
The image of your solemn prolonged stare, I no longer care.
I vanquish all that is left of you, nothing worth keeping.
I will not sit here weeping. I conquered what I thought never could be accomplished.
My dress all worn, Oh so torn.
all that is done. I see the horizon, Overwhelmed.
Not afraid, Not a feeling of dread. No more voices in my head.
Asleep smiling I am finally awake, No longer dead.
In the solitude that wraps around me warm in my bed

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Natie said...
Dec. 22, 2009 at 12:18 am
that was..beautiful..i think your starting to become one of my fave authors:D
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