I Introduce You to Music..

October 20, 2008
Little sounds come together to create what she is;
She becomes a mixture of different words,
different ideas,
different feelings;

People flow with her sound;
Her intense words make people think twice,
while she speaks the truth;
She knows nobody can stop her;
She is everywhere and she conquers all;

Not everybody understands what she really means,
but they listen;
She isn't always the sound she appears to be;
Do they get that?

Not everybody likes her style,
but what they don't know,
is that she gets places with what she has;

She gets old,
she gets ignored,
she gets thrown out,
but she knows she is strong when it happens;

The comments don't hurt her;
She knows she isn't perfect,
but what she knows,
is that a mixture of words come together to create what she is;
New words,
new ideas,
new feelings;

She always comes out with something new,
to make her the strongest,
the leader,
at the top;
She is who she is,
and she means what she means;

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