Evie's Bio poem

October 9, 2008
By Evie Bryan, Wichita, KS

With hair like the mane of a hoarse, and eyes of swamp mud.
Acts motherly to her sister, but violent toward others, destroys anything she does not like.
Sister to Dreams and Destruction.
Daughter to Teaching and Discipline.
Who loves licking flames and streaming waters, one who looks to the sky for condolence.
Who fears her brother’s fists, judgment from others, and the violence of her own thoughts.
Who wishes for peace among friends, for the love returned that she feels, and for the understanding of others.
Who creates artistic pleasures, of music unknown to the world, and complications unneeded.
Who wonders how people are so shallow, why she cannot trust anyone, and if her faith is fading or growing.
Who dreams of death followed by heaven, and of her future home.
Who remembers drinking coffee with her grandfather and the neighborhood in which she was raised.
Believer in God, Creator of ALL, KING of all KINGS, LORD of all LORDS, HE who DIED for the WORLD.

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