eat you're words

October 9, 2008
By meaghan mahoney, Shirley, NY

It’s as comfortable as trying to stick a million fine point needle’s into the pupils of your eyes
It’s as beautiful as a million tearful goodbye’s
How is it we live with pain
All the hurt could swallow us whole
Yet we live our lives as the meaning of soul
It is drive that keep’s me here
It’s your unearthly words that help’s me here
I know you’re hate shine’s in my eye’s
It use to blind me but not this time
I will arise
No ashes have fell
You’re waiting on failure
I’m betting on proving you wrong
See I know the places you say I cant go
Surely you don’t know all the places I’ve know
I know you won’t amount to my hurt
I’ll show you a lesson you so desperately deserve
This is how I’ll prove my words
This is how I’m make you eat your’s

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