Inside Out

October 9, 2008
By Emilee kmett, Pleasant Plains, IL

Inside Out

Long, swaying, brown arms,
Reach out towards me.
Teardrops run down,
The face of the Earth.
A furry green blanket,
That I walk on.
Small singing angels,
Fly around me.
Suddenly, a cape,
Covers the world.
Nothing but darkness,
Surrounds me.
Pure silence,
Comes over all.
Then, a speck of light,
Shines through the black mask.
A few minutes later,
A big, hollow circle,
Comes through and fills the sky with light.
Then bright, twinkling dots,
Surround it.
Finally, silence,
Takes off its hold.
Chirping, barking, and buzzing,
All sound at once.
The smell of nature,
Controls my nostrils.
I'm scared and frightened.
I am alone.
I look around,
And see many things.
I finally realize,
I'm outside.

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