come back!!

October 14, 2008
It happened seven years ago,
As you went to sleep slowly.
I couldn¡¯t help but think why, why me???
And then she answered don¡¯t you see.
No, No I don¡¯t see,
But then god took her hand and said it¡¯s just her time to be free.
No please mommy come back,
But then suddenly the room went black.
I sat on the bed where she use to lye,
And kept asking my self why did she have to die.
Today I still cry as I look up at the sky.
God made her an angel but he made me sad,
But I can still look back at all the fun we had.
I love you mommy and I always will,
An someday we will meet again on top of the hill.
Someday our family will be reunited,
Then ever room we walk in will be lighted.
Tomorrow is another day I¡¯ll be passing some graves,
As I slowly drift away to the sound of waves.
There your¡¯s is right there it say¡¯s in loving memory of Gisele,
She was very loved and she is really missed.
As you know we all love you so much,
Oh how I wish I could feel your touch.
If I could I would give you a hug. We would never let go of each other,
You¡¯re my one and only mother.
Love you always

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