Facing the Dark

August 8, 2013
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Facing the Dark.
Who knows what there may lie in wait?
With vicious claws and crippled gait,
waiting there to seal your fate.
In the back of your mind you cannot help but to feel the trepidation of the unknown.
Wishing for it all to end so you may never have to face the dark alone.
The things brought to life only in your mind, twist and writhe.
As if snared in some invisible vine.
Staring back with a malevolent crimson eye.
You know that they can't be real, but you cannot change the horror you feel.
You know the dark is where you must go .
But you can't seem to move.
You are paralyzed by with the terror of something not even real.
You push yourself and as you plunge into the walls of black.
You fight it with every inch of power you possess.
And until you are free, you will not rest.
But when you overcome the light will welcome you.

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