Through her eyes

September 12, 2008
By sharlee bingham, Enfield, NH

Theres a girl
Who smiles on the outside
but screams inside
Someone help her
Please cant you see she needs help

Torn inside out
you didnt see this coming
I did and I watched her die

Lifeless with out hope
this is your fault
you did not help

You misred her smile
mistook her laugh
tell yourself lies
While i sit here and cry
Because i watched her die

Through your eyes comes a laugh
Comes a cry
From hers comes a cry of Pain
A scream for help

But she didnt die in vain
Through her eyes you got what you deserved
A sentance well served
Because you couldnt stop her

The signs were there
I watched you denie
Oh yes one big lie
I hope your happy now
Through her eyes
I watched her die

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