The Everlasting Night

September 4, 2008
By Brittany King, Westlake, OH

Can you feel the adrenaline
rush through your veins?
As the bass thumps,
the drum beats,
and the guitars screech?
As the melody flows out the speakers,
and everyone gets lost in the music.
You can see the sweat
dripping down his face,
while the lights shine down on him,
as he tries to hit every note that was written with such concentration and critiquing.
Everyone sings along to the message
that was hidden in the lyrics,
as their hearts race with excitement.
and when the lights dim,
and the music fades,
the room fills with disappointment,
hoping that this night would never end.

The author's comments:
I wanted to show the reader that going to a concert is more than listening to a band/artist perform, it's personally feeling their emotions and comparing your feelings with theirs. You get to see where their lyrics came from and the passion they have for those lyrics. For those 3 to 4 hours you're there, feeling you're not alone and someone IS out there going through the same thing.

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