It's Too Late

August 7, 2008
By Christina Blackburn, New London, CT

I'm right there
Looking into your eyes
But you don't know
What I can see

Untold stories
Of made up lies
Becoming someone else
Of a different life
So lost
And not a thing to tell

All of your life
You've pretended
But why?
To hurt everyone
Who's ever loved you?

To see her cry
The nightmare
Drowning her
But you don't care
Millions of loves
That you have destroyed
Without a trace left

The many tears
And many deaths
Of suicide

Then a girl comes along
Offers you the world
But before you've
Made your move
She does what you
Cannot see
She does what you have
So many times
She's left you there
Wondering why

The sadness is now
Killing you
You asked why
Then you realize
What you have done

But with your last breath
You learn it's too late
As your eyes close
And the world
Suddenly, shatters

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