A Mother's Love is the Only Love

August 9, 2008
By Natasha Cooper, Pembroke Pines, FL

With words unspoken, she touches me like an angel
An angel of life
An angel of heaven
An angel of hope
An angel of strength
No one around, but this beautiful soul that I can never let go
I can't ask for anything more

Her arms around me gripped so tightly
I feel right at home, like a shield around me
Our hands both touch gently, like a cloud above
As tingling runs through my body
Knowing she is my one and only

Cat eyes connect with much velocity
Power of the heart, coming up like fire

The day is over
The sun has set
She tucks me in
With kisses good night
Until tomorrow
That will shine so bright

The author's comments:
This poetry piece was inspired to me by my mom. My mom and I have such a unbreakable and close bound that i am so thankful for because at this generation many kids suffer from a loss of connectivity with parents. I hope that you learn to always stay close to family and loved ones because they are always going to be the ones their for you.

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