What You Feel

August 3, 2008
By Rachel Simon GOLD, Rye Brook, New York
Rachel Simon GOLD, Rye Brook, New York
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Afraid to show
What she’s hiding
She doesn’t know

Her peers watch
Her every move
But what is she
Trying to prove?

That she’s a girl
And nothing more
That she’s too scared
To not be ignored?

In a crowded room
She looks around
She stays hidden
Not a sound

It takes awhile
For her to come out
But when she is
She’s ridden with doubt

What if I’m not liked?
What if I’m weird?
Oh no, she thinks
This is just what I feared

Then he walks over
And takes her hands
And in that moment
She understands

You don’t have to be
Only the same
You don’t have to hide
Behind layers of shame

You can be different
Real and unique
Don’t be unsure
Of the words that you speak

Whatever you are
Let it be what you please
Because what you feel
Is what everyone sees.

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