My Home

October 9, 2012
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My home,

A little ranch shielded by mulberry trees and open to the sun.
The trees get hugs from bright green leafy vines.
I see bright colored green berry bushes with dark black berries in the wood line.

As I continue my walk up the drive way I come across parts where old grey driveway meets newly laid black patched spots.
I hear the chirps of sparrows and robins.
The sweet smells of the intoxicating purple lilacs, orange lilies and pink roses fill the air.
The driveway is guarded by the two weathered, strong and heavy lion statues that threaten to fall over and break with the roots of trees.

The peace is broken by “ruff. Ruff.” The happy barking of an old miniature schnauzer, he wag’s his tail begging for attention and praise for welcoming me home.
The chubby dog runs up the slippery dry weathered wood porch covered with twigs, leafs, and some dark mulberries from the trees. He some how always knows when you are preparing to go inside.

Walking past the old basketball hoop that paint had covered with red, white, and blue has been chipped away leaving rust to show, and the new net we bought this summer already swaying loose from use that looks like it could fall at any minute. I remember the hours of play I have spent outside in sunny warm weather; I would play outside for hours till the sun went down. I could feel the warm sun on my face and the nice cool breeze.
Then in the cold weather that I had to wear warm gloves and hats to be able to play outside. The driveway looked like an ice rink from the ice that had frozen, and the snow that would fall gave you a feeling that you were in a snow globe and time had stopped.

As I finally make it up the steep incline to the old musty smelling garage, I reach up and press the two bright red buttons that shut the new garage door.

This place may not look like much but it has my family and that’s all I ever need.

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