June 24, 2008
By Felicia Vincent, Waite, ME

It's like being struck by lightning
Not really sure what happened
One second you are happy dancing in the rain
The next thing you know you withering on the ground in pain.

It's like being stung by a bee
Running through the flowers
Then this pain overwhelms you
Never new what hit you.

It's like all these things except for one thing
The pain is more than physical
The pain does not only affect your body but also your mind
Your emotions are also suffering

What is this that I describe?
It can only be one thing
A pain that is almost too strong to bare
It’s a broken heart

Unlike a sting a Band-Aid cannot fix this agony
No strike of lightning could erase those memories
The feelings you must bare will only heal with time
But even time will not erase the scar left behind

Just like when you get a deep cut
The scar is there to see
The scar on your heart will remain
Just like the memories of you and me

Before you felt happiness and joy
Now all you feel is numb
You know he is the only medicine
That can make you right again.

Sleep comes hard
Tears come easy
But sadly you want to see his face
Hear his voice

If it was up to you
This is not what you would choose
But all you want is for him to be happy
Doesn’t matter if that sounds sappy

If he changes his mind
You will rejoice
If he doesn’t
Then all you can do is respect his choice

Time might heal
But in that time you have to endure
The torture of hearing the songs that reminds you of him
And the pictures that are cemented within

People tell you to move on
And that life will go on
But deep down the know they are wrong
And that the hardest part is moving on

So as you try to pick up the pieces
Of your mangled heart
Secretly you wish that he would be the one to press the button
The one on your heart that says, "start"

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