Mother and daughter poetic conversation

September 25, 2012

I want you to be responsible,
But you cant even learn a lesson from your own mistake.
You keep me up until 2:30am,
Worrying about when you will be home.
You aren’t around enough,
Can you at least act like you love your family?
If you could do the simple things,
Such as staying in school
And keeping a job,
Then I would be the happiest mom.
I just paid off your car
And now you want a new one...
Maybe for a graduation present,
Thats if you can stay in school.
I want you to realize you have the simplest life at your age.
If you could do the small things you would realize your life is not “complicated”.
I wish you could stay my little baby
I love you.

Daughter to Mother

Mom, I wish you would chill out.
I am a teenager and I like to be
Wild and free, and
Stay out late with my friends.
I shouldn't even have a curfew, I’m 17.
I love my family,
But I like to have fun, such as going to the lake everyday and swimming.
Sorry if it seems like I don’t love y’all.
I want a new car
Because the one I have is old now.
If I can get a new car,
Then I will graduate
And help pay for it, once I get a job.
My life is so complicated,
School is so hard,
I hate having a job.
I wish I could stay your baby girl forever too.
But I have to grow up,
Thats life.

The author's comments:
Project in school that meant a lot to me

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