Puppy Love

August 31, 2012
Love is more than a little pop song,
That folks hear on the radio and sing along.
It's more than the butterflies you feel inside,
When he hugs you and gives you a small kiss goodbye.
The stories we hear about love at first sight,
Are too superficial to always be right.
Love is more than those perfect fairy tales,
True love may weaken, but it never fails.

It's in the warmth of a new mother's heart,
And in her voice when she calls her child smart.
It's in the frail touch of an old ill friend,
That you promise you'll be with to the very end.
Love's much deeper than the puppy love part,
It comes from your soul, it comes from your heart.

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Paulski said...
May 30, 2013 at 6:55 pm
thats not what love is. love is when you feel a mild distaste whenever you look at someone but you decide to stay with them because you know it's not only the best you're going to get, but it's the best you deserve. and what's more, you're okay with that. 
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