with senses with secret

July 30, 2008
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He looks so strong from the outside.
But inside a little boy cries.
He's not weak, he's just been through so much; its hard for his heart to hold up.

If eyes are windows to the soul.
His are biggest of all.When you look deep into them, you see the way; the way the world might have been.

His voice is a song.A joy to my heart.But I know inside he breaks.And the havoc my heart wreaks reminds me that I could help him, if only I would try.

His mind is so complex.Even I can't understand.What it goes through some days.

Now my only wish.Is that I could truly meet him. In that secret world of his.where he finds the safety to take off his mask.

forever is the complexity. Of this ever-wounding pain.Of watching him drown in misery.
a pool of misunderstanding.

someday.A promise.We'll finally take off our masks. We won't cry. Our chance to fly.

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Lauren P. said...
Feb. 25, 2009 at 12:35 am
This is my favorite!!
It really reminds me of a guy I know, it really does!
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