August 29, 2012
By Skyerockz BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Skyerockz BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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The night is dark

The moon is full and bright

I’m not a wolf so,

didn't’t have to think twice

I love him and that’s all

I care about.

You’re special

That’s why you must live forever

This is a cemetery

But it’s beautiful

Under the moon

Now take a breath

And wait to die

Tomorrow you’ll wake

Up as a vampire at my empire.

Love's Forever

You’ll always remember

That first touch, that first kiss

I will always be there

And that’s why you must live forever

You love me, that’s why you’re here

You’re no longer human but

You’re thankful,You’re not a

Victim, you’re not a slave

You’re my soulmate!

The author's comments:
This pieace is about how a couple that are deeply in love would do anything for each other in this case the male is human and he is willing to turn into a vampire for his soulmate. True love.

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