The Bench

August 24, 2012
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I have come a long way to the crossroads of a bench
In this single moment, my heart can’t be quenched
In its thirst for your kiss, your laugh, your smile
Your love was my treasure that could always beguile
Like glittering gold horizons, now set in the west
You lie in the night with the moon at rest
Till death do us part, till life fades to grey
I vanish in a love that shant ever fray
That could vanquish all the stresses of the chaos we call life
And the madness in which we thrive
I have come to understand that we are breathless
By this grace to live for another's love that gives us purpose
And to pull on the boots of life and run to a future opened wide
Until we meet again upon the great divide
And so today I stand on this stage
To find comfort in your love, as I turn this page
To this new destiny, and new comfort of thought
That someday I’ll come to find you saving me a spot
Though beyond the gates of heaven is not where love thrives
But within our memories, where it flourishes to rise
Then soon, in this spot, the heavens will rain in sage
At this wisdom we have known, that love never skips a page
And to this I find solace in a gentle, tranquil breeze
It seems you’re here to listen, and put my grief at ease
For tonight I lie encased in warmth, knowing that someday
You’ll meet me at this bench, and walk me down the way

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