July 28, 2008
By misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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In the rain I stood there
As he broke my heart and left it There to blow away
My heart already fragile from all the Hurt and pain I'v gone through
I thought he knew...he was the only One i trusted and loved
Thought he was the only one who cared For me and kept me strong....
But now I realize he was just making Me weaker than i already was
He made me fall completely in love With him and more
More than i expected...more than i Ever wanted
By that he made me vernurable....kept Me from being strong
Like I couldn't go on without him in My life
I was addicted.....
The way he kissed my lips made my Heart beat so loud
It felt like it ws on blast in my ears
The way he touched me
Rubbing his hands around my waist..up my back and down again...
Rubbing my thighs making my body turn to gel...
The way he talked to me...
Like he was almost as in love with me as much as i was with him
Everyword coming out of his mouth Sung by him in his angel-like voice
I fell hard for him...much too hard
I just dont understand
Why in hell would he make me belive In such a fantasy
When it would end so hard
I knew it too...but i forced myslef To belive it wasn't true
Falling deeper into the whole of lies
I couldn't belive the body chemistry Between the two of us
I wanted him to hold me... to caress Me in his arms...
To take me away to a fantasy land...
Living in ecstasy..
Every second of the day
I felt that urge
In a way scaring me to have such Strong feelings
Yet comforting me to i had someone to feel that way about...
Someone who could make me feel that Way...
Someone who coud fufill my urges in The most gental and perfect way
My body so in love with his made the Breakup so much harder
I felt the urge to kiss him and Forget all the pain i felt deep in my Soul
But i couldn't ... I had to be strong
Only letting out a few tears
My love had been taken away
And cared for in the highest way ever thought of..
Then killed by the lost of the caretaker
Everyday from then on i wish i still had my lover
Everyday wishing i'd never met him
Feeling miserable because he had hurt me
Just like the others had but much Harder
Feeling i would never find someone who could make me feel The way he did again...
My strength fading away......

The author's comments:
I really dont know where i got this from. It does seem to have alot of sexual themes in it i guess..but thats not the reason wrote it. I wanted to take on more of an adult type of poem, i dont know if it worked or not . Thats what you have to determine.

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