Flashing Before My Eyes

July 28, 2008
By Cat Lewis, Mississauga, ZZ

As my life flashed before my eyes
I would see Bleecker Street.

I'd hear the orchestras tuning
Two billiard balls striking each other
Welsh songs and Australian accents.

I would feel
Ty's whiskers in my ear
A leather jacket embrace
And the blanket of silence that comes with snowfall.

I'd remember raindrop shadows rolling across the dashboard
Black and silver trees frosted brilliant white
Royal blue and orange sunset lights water and Cardiff.

I'd tell you about detectives and soldiers and starving dogs
Chasing shadows in a dark forest from the level of the trees
Bagels and little sea pigs.

I'd revisit a black nighttime pool with a glittering rock waterfall
The boardwalk outside a quiet timeless general store
Cool musty scented stalls and warm velvet noses.

I would see Bleecker Street.

And I would feel

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