i will always be me

May 2, 2012
all thier word they sound so cold
all the same story its getting old
i am hated by plenty
disliked by some
wanted by many
confronted by none
every be like someone eles
while i sit here fighting with myself
you can take what i have but not what i am
so why do they try to bring me down like im drowning in quicksand
i see what no one else can see
i belive what some cant even dream
im not and outcast cause i do things in different ways
just a simple smile can brighten my day
i take all that seem bad and make it good
its not that easy but i do the best i could
i love a lot and i know im loved too
i know im not perfect but neither are you
why do they act like they have no flaws
ive been there done that but ive knock down those walls
not everyone likes me and ill hate them with all my love its like a..b..c and i cirale none of the above
one day ill be big enough for you to hear me
and some day youll fear my
some day ill be your boss
and all ill have to say is get lost

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epiccsauseee said...
Jun. 6, 2012 at 1:37 pm
this is really really good but first part was a little off :/
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