black and bruised

July 8, 2008
By bronte soul, Wilmington, DE

black and bruised by bronte soul

i herd him call i walked away i turned my head i couldnt stay and as the tears ran down my cheeks i held my smile while returning to safety;

i saw the truth you neednt say i wish you well so go your way

you loved & hugged

bruised and abused you asked me baq and i lost myself in you.

you held me close i couldnt breathe blacked my eyes so i wouldnt see the face in the mirror & and yet i stayed thinkin this is my fault im the one to blame...

our loves so strong id right all wrongs and then youd be happy and i wouldnt be the dark dark room with more bruises than a few. and id give my all to you but i found that wouldnt do...

and when i would fight you baq when i yelled and screamed and would pick me up ferociously and relentlessly youd hit...

so i would cover it all up with a extra peppy smile tho my eyes so dead and blank cuz my brain was in denial

my thoughts going in circles wondering what was i to do..and when i looked back up i staired in the eyes of the the beast the familiar eyes of you . with your dark brown eyes and mocking smile i knew what was up i braced my self for the hit...and then hed have his fun...

"your hurting me" i once said "i know i am" i bowed my head " you did it to your self you see, that bruise right their thats on your made me do it dont try to lie i saw what you did. and now your mine"

but afterward the tender looks the loving gestures thats what had me hooked...and like a fool i fell everyday in to your pit...i found my way.

i found the strength to raise my head i smiled at him "im already dead youve got nothing left

a lost little boy you lost the game and now your bang your head against the walls you small small man because the blood thats now upon your where i always am

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