The Gentlemen

March 30, 2012
By Polartec239 BRONZE, Huntington, New York
Polartec239 BRONZE, Huntington, New York
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They called him The Gentleman,
Because of how he walked,
Because of how he sang and danced,
Because of how he talked.
Because he opened the door for those,
Who were outside in the snow,
Because he spoke so politely,
I wished he’d never go.

All the ladies turned no eye,
When The Gentlemen walked past,
They danced with all the other men,
Leaving him alone and last.
The Gentlemen decided,
That he would go and hide,
If no one wanted him,
Why should he be by their side?

So The Gentlemen walked away,
Never to be seen again,
And never to enter the hearts and souls,
Of all the other men.

But if you by chance see,
The Gentlemen walk by,
Him in his tall top hat,
And silken-black bowtie.

Be sure to say hello,
Be sure to give a smile,
For maybe he’ll return,
And stay for just a while.

The author's comments:
This piece really speaks to me because I always notice at school events and at parties there is always "The Gentlemen" who never gets girls, and never gets treated with the same respect that he gives everyone else. He is never appreciated. Some people do but many people do not appreciate the kindness of that classy old-fashioned gentlemen.

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