The Sea

January 18, 2008
By Catherine Preusse, Northborougj, MA

She kissed him good-bye knowing the storm was coming
He walked out to the dock as the thunder began to roll
As he looked at the sky it was painted black
And the sea grew waves bigger than the
All he knew was to make is home for her

She started a fire in the fire place and curled up with a blanket
Uneasy to the thought of him out in the storm
She didn’t know if he would come back to her

There was a knock on the door
She didn’t answer
The knocked continued
She slowly opened the door
There standing there was an old friend

She let him inside her warm house
He was drenched from the storm
She made him a cup of coffee and dry clothes

He walked around the corner to change
She couldn’t help but stare.
Who knew what would happen from there

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