New Year

January 14, 2008
By Felicia chovanec, Arlington Heights, IL

Air foggy and muggy
Laughs continuous
Smiles wide
Spirits carefree cause that’s the way to be in summer
Hearts beating fast and rapidly
Heads pounding
Hands lifting the ice cold drink from the fridge
Boxes are emptied
To the store with dollars make them full
Late nights
Hot sun in the early morning
Cause that’s the way to go in the summer
Short flings leave hearts broken
Hot shot wannabes who
Sometime leads good nights to bad
Time Lost
Curfews broke
Doors locked when clock ticks past twelve
Early days turn late
While late nights turn early
Knobs are turned as the door is fallen on top of
Sloppy moves
Slurring words isn’t how the summer should have ended but did
Fingers twirl brown curled hair
While foot taps on the floor
As explanations try to be said on her actions
Clear mind is not examined in a circle
This is how the New Year will began

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